The Squares Have It, Part 4

September 08, 2014  •  5 Comments

Aspens In Autumn #4Aspens In Autumn #4Aspens in Autumn #4

This is the fourth and final 12x12 stone tile that I'll be offering at my next show (this Saturday, Larkspur, Colorado!)  It would be very un-Colorado of me not to have a photo like this - shooting up from ground level with the aspens showing off their beauty against a stunning, rich blue sky.  I know the colors back east are more varied and are gorgeous in their own right, but our blue sky as a backdrop to golden aspen is just as beautiful!  (Still, I hope one day to do a trip to those areas in the east with their foliage - something I've never gotten to do, but have always wanted to...)

I mentioned in my last post that I didn't think I'd be getting the tiles before this Thursday, but I was pleasantly surprised when I got the call that they were ready last Friday.  They are fantastic!  I'll post images of them this Wednesday and you can sort of see for yourself.  I say sort of, because an image on a computer screen just doesn't do them justice.  They are attention getters, that's for sure.

Check back on Wednesday or Thursday.  There's a chance I won't have it posted until Thursday - I'll be out of town tomorrow afternoon through most of Wednesday.  We'll see...




Earl Moore(non-registered)
A beautiful shot...good luck with it.
John Strong Arts, the Art in Fine Art Photography
I love having clouds in my shots, that's for sure! I'll let you know how the tiles are accepted at the show. I know how they were accepted by me - I love them! Thanks!
Anita Jesse(non-registered)
I am excited to hear how your tiles work out. I love your choices and agree that certain images, such as the one in this post, are very near required. The sky makes your shot. Thank goodness for clouds, right? Have a wonderful event.
John Strong Arts, the Art in Fine Art Photography
Thanks, Monte! As long as the rain stays away, it should be fun...
Monte Stevens(non-registered)
Good luck at the show!
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