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Deep Space #2Deep Space #2Deep Space #2

I know.


I said I'd only be a week in New Jersey and that I'd return with a post when I got back.  I even posted one or two images purportedly from that state.  But, it's time to come clean.  


Yes, I've been traveling - but a little further than New Jersey.  In fact, I was visiting a remote location (for humans that is), called Eta Cassiopeia , also known traditionally as Archid, a star system some 19.4 light years from earth.  Had to visit some nildoror friends of mine there - baby sit for a night.


With the recent breakthrough in Ultra Warp technology, I was able to make the trip there and back in only 10 days.  


I realize the numbers don't add up. Why wait to post then, wasn’t I back over a week ago?  Sort of.  You see, while preparing to make the jump back to our star system, the beautiful planet Archid Major  was so stunning I had to photograph it.  Trouble is, I didn't have anything but my iPhone.  This was too good for an iPhone image, so, I made the jump came home and grabbed my camera and tripod, jumped back and like all photographers, waited for the light.  So - that's it above.  Worth every hour of time I spent waiting and traveling.


I've always been a fan of science fiction and being able to create this kind of image is something of a dream for me.  It's opened up new ideas, new creativity.  I made Archid Major solely in Photoshop, using numerous tricks, layers and techniques.  I discovering more all the time, so expect more along these lines every so often.


Oh.  By the way, below is how it looks just as you're beginning to rip through the star gate.


Deep Space #1Deep Space #1


Six Flags, eat your heart out.




John Strong Arts, the Art in Fine Art Photography
Thanks, Monte! Popping through the stargate's a little risky of course, but it's a bit safer now that they've put in traffic lights. ;-)
Monte Stevens(non-registered)
Glad you made it back okay, twice. and, nice job on both images.
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