1941 Chevy Suburban

November 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

1941 Chevy Suburban1941 Chevy Suburban

First off - nope, this isn't my new wine bottle image.  I got to a certain point with it and realized I needed to make an adjustment, one that will involve more time.  That image will see the light of day next week, Monday is what I'm planning.

Instead, I'm doing this 1941 Chevy Suburban.  I took this image last summer at the Renaissance Festival and have been mulling over ever since how to present the image.  There was a lot of glare from sunshine that day preventing me from using the entire image, but I really like the grill on this vehicle and figured that would make a good image.  After processing it in Photoshop and then taking it in to Perfect Photo I applied a nice glow to the image along with some dark borders.  I boosted the saturation as well, since the sun was washing out the colors - the Suburban was a nice rich red, but in my resulting photos looked flat and somewhat faded due to the glare.

Sometimes, you just need to let an image simmer a while before doing any post-production work.  The mind works in funny ways - I'm glad I don't have a laugh track in my head!



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