Tuscan Sun, Wine Series #3

November 01, 2016  •  4 Comments

Tuscan Sun, Wine Series #3Tuscan Sun, Wine Series #3

Well, I didn't mean to wait so long between posts, but things have been fairly hectic the last couple of weeks.  I have another two day show this Saturday and Sunday (Applewood Arts, Highlands Ranch High School) which I've been trying to prepare for and work keeps me solidly busy during the day, meaning I have to do most of my art in the evening. 


One of my latest projects is the Wine Series - basically wine bottles and accessories with an appropriate background, given the name of the wine being used as a subject.


That's what I've been working on lately, and this is the finished product.  I stopped and started this image at least a dozen times before feeling satisfied.  And I am very satisfied with this image.


Hope you are too!




John Strong Arts, the Art in Fine Art Photography
Thanks, Monte - Applewood shows tend to be pretty busy; hope this one's no different!
Monte Stevens(non-registered)
Oh, yes! Hope you enjoy the show this weekend.
John Strong Arts, the Art in Fine Art Photography
Thanks Tom, I've enjoyed making them too. I have quite a few more ideas I'm kicking around - hopefully I'll be able to figure out what do do with the next one!
Tom Dills(non-registered)
I've been enjoying this series, John. Very creative. I see some strong potential as decor as well as art and hope you have much success with them.
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