American Classic

December 19, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

American ClassicAmerican ClassicAmerican Classic

There are times when a solution to a problem simply doesn't want to be found.  In this case I knew that I wanted the American flag as a background, but getting it there with the look and feel I had in mind was elusive, at best.  

The badge in this piece is from a AMC  Ambassador from about 1960 or '61.  Not terribly fancy, but the stars and stripes along with the overall shape was appealing.  Patriotic.  All American.  Classic.  I tried many many textures and combinations of looks that never seemed right for what I was trying to say.  At the time, I didn't know what I was trying to say.

Then came the epiphany - the string of thoughts that led to American Classic.  I can't say exactly how it happened, only that through experimentation and rejection and thought came the realization of what I wanted.  Everyone's method is different when it comes to arriving at a conclusion.

Somewhere I once read, or heard perhaps, that creativity is a sheer act of will.  There's some truth in that, though that particular phrase sounds, I don't know,  somehow a burden instead of a journey.   I prefer thinking more that creativity is taking a germ of an idea, applying an iterative process until you arrive at that "ah-ha!", "eureka", or "voila" moment.

Which I've done here.  I got to this point and said to myself "self, that's it". (Add that to the list above).  

I guess the point is to that to be creative it does take an effort, but the effort is one of discovery and seldom does creativity come as a whole coherent idea.



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