Egg, Shell

December 21, 2016  •  2 Comments

Egg, ShellEgg, ShellEgg, Shell I thought the name of this still life, "Egg Shell" was clever, but when I showed it to my wife,  she wanted to know what was trying to say?  I hadn't though beyond the cleverness of the name, frankly.  So that night, while trying to sleep, I began thinking about that aspect - is there more justification for an image than just the name?

Here I was, with what I feel is a beautiful still life image, whose only reason for existence is to fit a name.  Could there be more to it than that?  Let's see:

  • They're both shells.  Check.
  • They both serve to protect the life inside.  Check.
  • Both are made up largely of calcium.  Check.

Both were created in two completely different environments, land and sea, yet show commonality between them.  But are the really created in two different environments?  After all, the egg is produced in the hen, a wet environment.  I started to research exactly how an egg is formed, but frankly, I enjoy eating them too much and the description of the process was disgusting.   That's why I went into Information Technology instead of biology.  All that wetness

However, I do have my justification.  It created a curiosity in me that I pursued.  Subconsciously, I suspect I knew there was more than simply "shells" involved and that if an image can make one ponder its "deeper" meaning then the mission is certainly accomplished.


This will be my last  post for 2016, but I'll return in 2017 with more, much, much more.  I hope you and yours have a warm, safe and happy holiday season!



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Thanks, Monte - you have a wonderful Christmas too!
Monte Stevens(non-registered)
Enjoyable post for me this morning. Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2017.
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