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AMC Hornet BadgeAMC Hornet BadgeBadge from an AMC Hornet - I believe late 60s or early 70s.

I haven't been posting much lately I know.  It's that time of year, be of good cheer, eight tiny reindeer, go have a beer…  Sorry, got off on a tangent there.

At any rate, though I haven't posted too much I have been busy experimenting.  This is a badge from an AMC Hornet, which I've stylized quite a lot, giving a grid texture in the circle where the hornet sits and grungy industrial texture outside the badge. 

I've been using my Wacom tablet much more these days as I progress with my mixed media mania - maybe it should be called "digital" mixed media.  With my new desk using the tablet has become a convenient tool for me, which I couldn't say before.  I still finding myself using the mouse sometimes for drawing and texturizing an image, but much less now. 

On the "big news" front, my Epson 3880 has died and gone to printer heaven where nozzles never get clogged and heads don't go bad.  I'm looking to replace it now and have decided to jump ship and go to Canon.  You may recall, I used a Canon printer prior to the 3880 and loved the output.  Unfortunately, the tiny cartridges (18ml) were in constant need of replacement (or so it seemed).  That's when I bought the 3880 with it's 80ml cartridges.  My current printer of choice is the Canon imagePrograf Pro 1000 which really only has two shortcomings.  One -it doesn't take roll paper, which, for me, isn't a shortcoming at all and two - the damn thing weighs 71lbs!  Guess I better start working out before I get it.

And my wine bottle image is coming before long.  Ran into a little snag - well, not a snag, but a change that required holding off a while. 




John Strong Arts, the Art in Fine Art Photography
Thanks, Monte - yeah, I'm dreading having to lift that printer, but once it's in place it should be fine.
Monte Stevens(non-registered)
Sorry to hear about the passing of your printer. But, I do have one of the prints from it. And, thanks again for that print. Good grief on the 71 pounds!
John Strong Arts, the Art in Fine Art Photography
Thanks Tom. I still do quite a lot of printing for my shows so I won't be giving up having a printer any time soon. Besides, I do like to be able to make sure I get the quality I want, and I can select the appropriate paper for an image, though lately, I've been printing the majority of prints on semi-luster.
Tom Dills(non-registered)
I have been using the Canon 5100 for over 7 years, and while it's getting a little long in the tooth, the 130ml cartridges are about as economical as you can get. That said, I'd never buy another large printer. It's still a great printer, but I don't turn it on enough any more to justify it, and it takes up a lot of space.

I like what you've done with the Hornet emblem. Very creative!
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