Renaissance Festival, Part 1

August 22, 2016  •  2 Comments


Welcome to the fake "days of yore", where people dress up in renaissance costumes to check email on their cell phones.  This was a common sight when we went.  I hadn't been to the Renaissance Festival in many years, but we decided to go this year on the final day of the show for 2016.  Normally, it's hot as hades at the festival, filled with sweaty, grimy, dusty people who look for shade hoping for a reprieve from the relentless heat.  In truth, it's the heat that's kept me away for so long.


But this day, the temperature topped out just north of 80 and there were clouds, providing shade off and on during the day.  Let me tell you, this event is a lot more fun when you're not feeling like you'll expire watching "Puke and Snot".


Here's some of the images I captured during the course of our visit - enjoy!




John Strong Arts, the Art in Fine Art Photography
I probably haven't been there in twenty years or so. Glad I went this year - it was a much needed distraction. Thanks!
Monte Stevens(non-registered)
Nice series, John. Been a few years since I was down there. What a wonderful place to watch people and for photos. And, with the cloud cover providing some diffused light we can come home with a few good portraits.
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