New Year, New Directions

January 02, 2017  •  2 Comments


Welcome to 2017!  It's a new year, with new hopes, new plans, new goals and for me a "new" direction.  The reason I placed "new" in quotes is because I've been sort of going this direction slowly for a while.   For 2017 I plan to put a lot more artistry into my images, I plan to shoot a lot more old vehicles and do more still life images.  I'm not in a position to be able to travel the world and take some spectacular shots that you see of Europe and other far-flung places, so I'll create what I tend to gravitate towards in my corner of the globe. 

I want to give you something truly unique and not just another picture of Maroon Bells, a slot canyon or the Eiffel Tower (though I'd still love to go to France for a visit!).  During the course of the year, you'll see more of the "enhanced" imaging with textures and composites that I love.  I won't stop doing "normal" photography, but my focus, my intent, is to bridge the gap between photography and painting to create original work that you can't get anywhere else.  When you see it at a show, or on my website, you'll know that there's only one like it - the one you're looking at. 

I'm looking forward to the new year - I'm optimistic for John Strong Arts and hope to continue to grow. 

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Thanks for the comments, Monte and as the fine folks over at Chik fil-A always say "My pleasure!".
Monte Stevens(non-registered)
Yes, you have been more into the artsy side of your photography. Using you vision to create some really nice works of art. And, thanks for the image you sent me. I love it!
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