St Malo Revisited

January 19, 2017  •  2 Comments

Well, not exactly. This image was from  2010 and the original shot, seen above was also the first post in my Visual Notebook blog in September of 2010.  More than six years have passed, and while I've never managed to grow my blog and capture as large an audience as I envisioned, that's okay.  My blog has turned into an ongoing journal for me; an historical document, if you will.


I've struggled trying to find my "voice" in those years.  Started projects, only to have them drop off the radar to be replaced by other projects, which would then fall off the radar after a while.  I never found it, though deserted buildings and old vehicles seemed to draw my attention more than most things.


Finding something that works for you, that brings out the muse  to guide  misguided and sometimes lost thoughts is all an artist can hope for.  My new journey through Photo Artistry may be that elusive muse for me.  We'll see as time goes by whether or not it sticks.


I feel after being in Information Technology most of my adult career, it's been difficult to allow my creativity to roam free for a change - I've always been too single-threaded to do so.  Things are different now; I'm winding my career down and looking for those outlets that have been hidden from me.  Single-threaded.  I find it difficult to immerse myself in multiple subjects.  I'm an all or nothing guy.  There's no pride in that - I can't tell you how much I've envied people who can effortlessly switch mental gears.  


St MaloSt MaloSt Malo


So, this version of St Malo you see here is a result of much experimentation, restarts, frustration and self doubt - the soul killer.   Yet, perseverance is the key to success - in business, in life, in just about everything.  It took about four days of physical work and much more (or so it seems) of mental work to complete this piece.


It's for sale, of course, but I don't do this in hopes of making a lot of money - if I wanted to make a lot of money, if that was my driving force in my life right now, I wouldn't be an artist!  No, I do this for pure enjoyment, and once in a while, someone will like what they see enough to want a copy for themselves. 




That is a beautiful thing.




John Strong Arts, the Art in Fine Art Photography
Sorry Monte, I'm afraid you'd find it too a"muse"ing!
Monte Stevens(non-registered)
Always listen to the muse! I need to see you work and watch the creativity come to life.
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