Abstract Lights

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Abstract LightsAbstract Lights

Title:  "Abstract Lights"

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John Strong Arts

I like symmetry.  I guess that's a pretty simple statement, backed up the evidence of this piece:  Abstract Lights.  This actually started out as a photo of the deck at Red Lobster with their overhanging lights (I'm not sure what to call these types of lights, or if there's even a name for them).

I modified the image with Distressed FX, iColorama, Lightroom and Photoshop.  I printed it out this morning on Red River's Linen paper.  It turned out beautifully - I really like the Linen paper's textured surface for these types of prints. 


My last show of the season is coming up this weekend.  It's possible that it could be my last.  My arthritis, despite some treatment (puff puff), is getting worse.  Medical Marijuana helps the pain but it doesn't cure anything and it seems to be spreading.  Not sure I can set up canopies and displays too much anymore. 

I'm hoping I can do one more season, but I will cut back - only one or two outdoor shows and the same for indoor shows.

My show this weekend is at the Stanley Lake High School in Westminster, in case anyone reading this is in the area and wants to stop by.



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