American Beauty

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American BeautyAmerican Beauty Title:  "American Beauty"

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John Strong Arts

I spotted this souped up classic while  in Castle Rock, Colorado and had to grab a shot or two.  Unfortunately it was in a parking lot so I had to take the image with a shop behind it - definitely not ideal, but no huge problem, I can always paint out the background, which I did to make this an impressionistic and attractive piece.  That’s my opinion of course, you may look and try not to gag.  My apologies if you’re in this group!

I’ve dramatically increased my output, as you may have noticed.  Most of the stuff I’ve been shooting lately have been with the iPhone.  I know!  That doesn’t sound like me.  But with the post-processing I do, this is less important; I do a great deal of digital manipulation, so an image that I take is, simply, a starting point. 

A lot are in the square format you see here, but that’s mostly due to personal preference - what I think looks best for a given image.

Don't know what model this is (Ford is my guess), but she's an American Beauty!



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