Family Shield

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Family ShieldFamily Shield

Title:  Family Shield

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Okay, not really.  But, it’s very reminiscent of those mid-evil times, the renaissance, the dark ages - whenever they had such things.  I watched three seasons of Game of Thrones before finally saying enough.  Still, they had a lot of shields.

But none like this.

I could have been quite sought after had they had computers then for me to be royal “Shield Designer”.  I’d have a sign hanging outside of my shop with a Shield image etched in it, with a bite taken out in the upper right side.  

No doubt I would have been a success!

In all honesty, I’ve had this image for several weeks now - I love it, but just couldn’t figure out how to present it.  I considered a “From this to this” format like I’ve done for some images, but I wanted a story, even a really lame one such as the little vignette above to accompany it. So, there you go!


The show season is officially over now - I had my three best shows ever this year, including the last one, at Stanley Lake High School which proved to be my most successful show of all.  It was a great year!

The question is, will I be doing it again next year.  My arthritis is continuously getting worse in my right hand, and seems to be spreading.  Hopefully, something will work out for me and I’ll be able to continue a while longer.

If not, well, I have a back up plan.  More on that, later.




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