Hidden Forces

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Hidden ForcesHidden Forces

Hidden Forces

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John Strong Arts

This piece came about as I was driving home the other day and noticed all the power junction (I think) boxes tucked away inconspicuously behind trees and bushes along the street.  Most were poorly concealed, but I thought this one was pretty well buried in the brush. 

Maybe the conspiracy theorists could see more there than I.  This portion of Highlands Ranch is being used as a testing ground for new sonic wave weaponry.  Various frequencies are being used to document the results.  Yesterday things got out of hand and a sonic bubble formed around the box and threatened everyone in the area with a sound bomb - in this case, according to the theorists - the sound was that of fingernails on a chalkboard.  Highly amplified.

Accompanying this theory is an artist’s rendering of the bubble forming.

Or, it could just be a junction box tucked away quietly, secretly, unobtrusively behind the trees that was subsequently photographed and enhanced quite a bit by the artist - me. 

Or is that just too far fetched?



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