All the Time in the World

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All the Time in the WorldAll the Time in the World

Title: "All the Time in the World"

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John Strong Arts

From the movie (and maybe the book, I never read it) "The Time Machine", 1960.  I believe it was Filby's quote.

This is an iPhone image I captured while we were out and about doing Christmas shopping and such.  I thought it might make an interesting quick image to post on Instagram, but instead it sort of took on a life of its own and wanted a bit more of a professional touch.  I spent some time with it in DistressedFX, iColorama and Affinity. 

Speaking of Affinity, I just got my Workbook from them - very nice production and will definitely come in handy.

Speaking of Affinity, the Affinity for the iPad just won the Apple iPad Software of the Year Award.  It's an extremely versatile product but pretty tricky to use.  They crammed a whole lot into it.

I'm easing my way into it, but it's a frustrating effort.


More digital/photo art is coming - I've gotten quite a stock in the last few weeks.  I hope you'll stay tuned.




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