Daniel's Park Barn

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Daniel's Park BarnDaniel's Park Barn Title:  "Daniel's Park Barn"

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John Strong Arts

This barn has been one of my favorites to image in the last year or so.  I've visited numerous times, primarily because it's home to a small herd of bison, which, of course, I love to shoot as well.  The shape and condition of it make it an appealing subject. 

I hadn't really done much manipulation of the images I've taken, but that's no longer true, as you can see.  I've given this a treatment which really seems to enhance the character of the barn.  I used a number of software packages to get to this point, including two of my favorite iPad apps:  iColorama and DistressedFX.  I also tweaked it a bit in Photo Raw from OnOne software and finished it off using Affinity. 

Note the distinct absence of Photoshop and Lightroom. This is part of my ongoing effort to break away from the Adobe products because I don't like the subscription model.  I'm on a limited (severely) income nowadays and subscription model software is leaching my bank account dry.  I'm slowly getting to know my way around in Affinity - the more I use it, the more I like it.

As far as a Lightroom replacement goes, I'm using ACDSee Standard as my Digital Asset Manager.  I really like it, though it's not nearly as powerful as Lightroom when it comes to editing capabilities.

Of course, with 60,000 photos to sort through a catalog, I guess I've got quite a task ahead.

I'd best get to it.



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