Urban Growth

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Urban GrowthUrban GrowthUrban Growth #2 Title:  "Urban Growth"

Urban Growth #2Urban Growth #2Urban Growth #2

Title:  "Urban Growth #2"

Both of the images above are available here:

John Strong Arts

I worked on these two iPhone images yesterday evening, using a variety of iPad/iPhone apps to give it the two looks you see here.  The second image is especially interesting because I thought I was finished with it, when I decided to go a little wilder.  

I was a bit high.

Yesterday, due to continuing and worsening arthritis and carpal tunnel in my right hand, I visited my Dr. (MD type), and received a cortisone shot in my wrist.  It was the most painful shot I’ve ever gotten.  My doc said it would be sort of “uncomfortable”.  He didn’t lie.  He also told me it might be painful for a day or so.  It is.  

So, last night, I smoked some pot to help with the pain, which it did.  But it also created an atmosphere of experimentation with Urban Growth #2.  I wanted the vine to take on an almost burning bush quality, and I believe in my blurred, loopiness, I succeeded.


I’m using my iPad Pro nearly as much as my computer these days.  Part of the reason is I have a really crummy computer - I thought it was Windows 10 that was the problem (and I’m sure it’s contributing), but the laptop itself seems to have problems.

I used to be in IT - pretty good at one time, but now, no thanks.  Just let the damn computer work.



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