Fantasy Veranda

February 15, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Fantasy VerandaFantasy VerandaFantasy Veranda


This is another of those images that I've had for quite a long time.  I've always like it, but there was never anything that really distinguishes from hundreds of others of similar quality.  But the beautiful thing about photo-artistry is you don’t have to leave an image ordinary.  So, here, I've recreated the image, cropped it to square format and integrated some of my favorite elements to make a surreal, appealing piece I call "Fantasy Veranda".

I'm finding that about half a dozen iterations of an image is what it's taking me to get to a final piece that strikes the right notes.  When I say iteration, basically I mean starting completely over with the photograph from it's base image.  During each iteration, there can be dozens, hundreds of changes.  This is the nature of this particular beast.  I can, therefore I do.  

Even this one, after the glow's been added, the butterflies, the stars, the sun emblem, the textures and everything else, I felt there was just something else that needed to find a home.  The throw on the chair made the veranda look empty - something needed to be there. A beautiful woman would have been nice. Or a couple.  With perhaps a dog at their feet.  But, I'm not that good at integrating disparate elements yet (though, to be honest, I think I'm pretty damned close) so instead, I decided on a napping cat (definitely one of my favorite elements). 


The location of this attractive veranda was the Riviera Maya in Mexico.




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