Mystery of Cat

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Mystery of CatMystery of Cat

Cats have been part of my life for most of the time I've been on this planet, and will remain a part for as long as I have left.  There's simply something magical about cats. If I catch the sight of a cat out of the corner of an eye my attention is immediately drawn.

They've been worshipped, loved, protected, wondered at, baffled by them, frustrated by them and they've been completely ambivalent to the whole thing.  With a cat, you earn their love.  With a cat, you only think you own them.  With a cat, you are the one that's trained. 

A cat's brain is much more complicated than that of a dog - no offense against dogs, I like them too.

But my soul belongs to cats.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go take a nap.


I've posted a couple more greeting cards on ebay, should anyone be so inclined:

   St Malo

Tuscan Sun






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