Pine Park Ranch

February 27, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Pine Park RanchPine Park RanchPine Park Ranch


What can I say?  I'm a Nebraska boy, born and raised and I love barns.  Especially those with a lot of character and this barn that a fellow photographer told me about fits the bill nicely.  Obviously, what sets it apart from most others is the name across the front of it, which, while not unique in "barndom", is rarely seen.

In keeping with my artistic interpretation of subjects, I've used a variety of textures on this image to give it more of an emotional impact.  I'm beginning to accumulate a nice collection of these manipulated and highly interpretive pieces. The trouble, of course, is if you like photography, then you may prefer minimally enhanced images.  If you like paintings, you may think this is cheating.  However, there's a growing population of artists who are embracing this art form for its potential.  

I'm one of them.  If I can take an otherwise okay photo and enhance it, manipulate it and convert it to something beautiful - why not?  And so I do.  We'll see how they do at shows this summer, how the general public views this form and whether or not they'll embrace it as I do.



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