Promise of Home

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Promise of HomePromise of HomePromise of Home

I call this "Promise of Home". True confession, it's really an Art Gallery in Carmel, California.  But it's certainly inviting! Of course, I can't know what you feel home is, but for me it's a safe haven from all the external influences that constantly bombard us with negativity.  From politics to religion to ads on tv somebody wants something from you, from me.  But this is refuge from that. Nobody can tell you what to feel without your permission.  Turn off the tv, read a book - ads won't be popping up all over the place!

Look carefully in "Promise of Home" and you'll see some of those forces that work against us; time, money, there's a sledge hammer chipping away at your zone of safety, a jet which represents going somewhere that's not home.  And of course people, lots of people.  Home is the escape from chaos. Escape from the struggle of day to day living.

"The home should be the treasure chest of living."  -Le Corbusier




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