Remembering Mr. Parrish

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  Remembering Mr. ParrishRemembering Mr. ParrishRemembering Mr. Parrish

   Remembering Mr Parrish

The barn in this image is one I captured near Kiowa, Colorado last August.  With the road leading up the hill and the beautiful barn, I liked the composition a lot.  Unfortunately, the shot was a mid-day type, with the worst kind of light - glaring and harsh.  So I filed it away in my memory as a location to visit when the trees changed and at a better time of the day.  Like so many plans, I didn't get back to the area.

Still, the image, the composition...I wanted to do something with it.  This is it - and I didn't think twice about what to name this image when it occurred to me that it reminded me of Maxfield Parrish's work.  I was going to name it "A bit of Mr. Parrish", but since I have a couple of "Remembering Georgia" images (Georgia O'Keefe)  I changed it to Remembering Mr. Parrish

Of course once complete the first thing I did, which I do with virtually all images I work on, was to print it out in order to have a something physical to hold on to.  Folks who only look at photos and artwork online are doing themselves a disservice. I've said this before and it's true - there's nothing like the tactile feel of an image printed on quality paper.  The screen glows and it's pretty - but it's not real until it's in your hands.  Just photons.  Glowing pixels.  Gone as soon as you turn your computer off. 

Next time you see a piece you really love by someone  (even if it's not me!) buy a print.  Hold it in the light.  Hold it in different lights and watch the interplay of colors and how a print can seem to change with it's environment. 

Enjoy something real again.



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