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The original for this image was captured at the Snowmass Balloon Festival from 2015.  Of course, never being one to let anything alone, every time I'd see the photo my thoughts were similar to, "I should do something with this".  Now I have. 

My thought was to create the piece using just the balloon and a few layers to give it a pastoral, painterly, calm look.  Nope, couldn't do it.  My thoughts kept expanding…keep the smooth look overall.  Add a foil to the peaceful motif.  The balloon is trying to get away from something, maybe the congestion and pollution of the city. 

Or maybe it's a statement about the dangers of uniformity.  This balloon breaks free and is suddenly no longer one of the crowd. In this case "balloon" is a metaphor for people.

I ended up with four versions of "Escape", several potential names, probably 100 or 200 permutations of each of the four versions and a growing frustration that I wouldn't find the look I sought.

Obviously, I did.  Patience and persistence are virtues.



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