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House FinchHouse FinchHouse Finch

An acronym I heard early in my years after entering adulthood and having to deal in the business world was "KISS" - Keep It Simple Stupid.  I've heard this applied to everything from game plans for football to graphic design to photography.  Simple compositions haven't the distractions of some complex images so one is able to linger with the main subject (in this case a common House Finch), and take in the entire image without suffering any undue fatigue from having to move your eyes all over the place (of course, that last statement's bs, but it sounded good when I was writing it!)

Nevertheless, simple compositions have always held more appeal to me.  I think they convey emotional content more easily. 

This piece started out as a photograph of a House Finch in my mother's back yard.  The little guy was actually perched on a pole.  The background was foliage and had some decent bokeh, but in my estimation that bokeh was too harsh and contrasty.  I wanted a warm image, with a surreal background and a real stump for my bird.  I found the stump on Creative Commons (none of the current stock of mine seemed appropriate) and the background (actually two backgrounds) were from my own personal "stash".

This, like all my images, is available in my gallery in Interpretive Imaging, and is available for purchase either there or in my Etsy store.



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