Macaws, Riveria Maya, Mexico

March 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Macaws, Riveria Maya MexicoMacaws, Riveria Maya MexicoMacaus, Riveria Maya Mexico

I captured this image while on vacation in Mexico a few years ago.  Macaws are so beautiful, it's hard to take a bad shot.  This image was very good, but I had a very deep depth of field and the foliage in the background, while not tack sharp, was sharp enough to be distracting in the photograph.

So trying to make an image where there's no doubt what the subject is, was a matter of some serious masking.  Virtually all of the original background is gone, and with the exception of the limb the birds are resting on, everything else in the photo has been replaced.  My goal was to create a bright, cheerful background for this image, without distracting from my subject.

This took much more experimenting with layers and various elements in the finished piece.  I thought I was finished with it on three different occasions, but each time I had a niggling thought that it wasn't quite there.  So, after starting on this piece Saturday, to, Monday, I just finished it.

Hope you enjoy!


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