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It won't be long before mushrooms start appearing again, now that the bulk of the dark dreary days of winter have passed.  This year I didn't say anything about trying to get snow photos and there's a reason. Two, actually.  One is I don't like freezing my butt off and the second is there really hasn't been much snow this year, at least not around here.  We got one good snowfall and I swear, I really did actually go to a location that I visualized could potentially be a nice image.  When I got there well, let's just say I was incorrect in that assessment. 

But now, March.  Spring begins in a few weeks.  Weather will start warming.  The sun, up earlier in the morning and down later in the evening.  Buds on trees.  Green returns.

Guess what else March is?

It's Colorado's snowiest month!  Kind of a contradiction to the overall trend of the weather, but those spring storms can be hard hitting, dumping a lot and then clearing out quickly and melting away in short order.  That's spring here and probably in a lot of other places as well.

This image is one I captured on Red Mountain Pass while on my fall trip to southwest Colorado a couple of years ago.  The original is below.  I used some focus stacking techniques on it in order to bring most of the mushrooms into focus. Though I always thought the original image was good, I also felt it needed a bit more punch.  It's taken me almost a week for this to congeal and become the piece at the top of the post, but the time was worth it.

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