Sunrise in Nebraska

March 09, 2017  •  2 Comments

Sunrise in NebraskaSunrise in NebraskaSunrise in Nebraska, near Hastings

I've had this image for a while - couple of years.  Captured just outside of Hastings, Nebraska on a foggy clear morning.  Yes.  Foggy and clear - sounds contradictory doesn't it, but I imagine a lot of people have seen those kind of days - fog low and clear skies above.  This was deeper and thicker than ground fog, but it made for a stunning view of the sun peeking up over the horizon and the trees blanketed in the soft fog.  Gave the sky a reddish glow from the refraction.

You may recall my other shot, similar to this that I posted a while back.  Same morning.  I hadn't  posted this image because there was a fence post stuck in the middle of the image that, in my opinion, was way too distracting.  Now that I know so many techniques in Photoshop, I was much more comfortable removing it.

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John Strong Arts, the Art in Fine Art Photography
Thanks, Monte. Just had to get rid of a post to make it work...
Monte Stevens(non-registered)
Beautiful, John!
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