Deep Space #3

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Deep Space #3Deep Space #3

Wait, what?  DS3?  I've heard of Deep Space 9 (not my favorite Star Trek Incarnation), but DS3?  Trying to come up with an appropriate name for my space images isn't so easy.  So for now, Deep Space #?' will be the way I title these pieces.  I came close to naming it "Music Of the Spheres", then "Beauty of the Spheres", then "Storm Gathering", but none of them really 'feels' accurate to me. 

This, along with my other two DS series, are strict digital art - there's no photography involved.  The closest to photography is using "Photo"shop!  These are a lot of fun to create and very attractive (IMHO).  I don't do them a lot, but every now and then I'll think of an image or see one online that inspires me, and even though I see something online that may trigger the motivation to do my own spacefaring, the image I end up with is rarely the image my mind's eye sees when I first begin creating it.  That's part of the fun though, the anticipation of the final outcome.  That's true with my photo based digital art as well, though there I at least have a starting point.


I've now been officially selected for two Art shows (three if I want to pay for the third one) and have applied to a couple of others (so far).  Please check my events page for location, dates and times.


I've now created two new galleries on my website - you may be familiar with the Greeting Cards page, but I've now created another gallery called, simply "Space", for my celestial  images.  Right now, I've only got the three images you've seen on my blog, but I'll be adding new ones as time goes by.



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