Dodge Lancer

April 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

1955 Dodge Lancer #31955 Dodge Lancer #3

I've been kicking this image of a 1955 Dodge Lancer around quite a bit - this is either my third or fourth iteration of this car.  Maybe it's the color of the car or the ineptitude of the artist, but I've struggled to find the right look for this shot.  I like this transition between the real and a kind of watercolor background, but even so, it has that incomplete feel or something.

Who knew that creating art could be so complex!  ;-)   It's mind-bending.  You get into this mode and it seems it ends up all you think about.  Then you digitally paint yourself into a corner and the next thing you know you're whole intent, whole direction is lost and you start over.

I may never really finish this image.  This may be as good as it gets.  But I won't get rid of the original - no chance of that. There have been many times where I've returned to a shot later, sometimes years later, and everything falls together.  Maybe that'll happen here. 

Does it matter?  In the long run, no.  After all, it's all about the journey.



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