Ellie vs. the T-Rex

April 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Ellie and the T-RexEllie and the T-Rex50296620 - dinosaur in the jungle background. 3d render

Sometimes you just have to have some fun.  This is a photo of my niece, Ellie, that my sister-in-law  took. To be more accurate, she took the image of Ellie.   She asked if I could composite it with a dinosaur in the background (she supplied one, but I opted for another) appearing to chase her. I did and sent her a copy.   I spent some time last night "aging" the photo with an ambitious goal of creating a story around it. Alas, my brain was overestimating my ability again, so instead, you get this rather tepid explanation.

Still, it was fun to do, Ellie's a real kick and I have to say, if the T-Rex had been real it wouldn't have stood a chance against the energy of Ellie.  No chance at all.



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