Fun with iPhoneography

April 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment



iPhoneography is becoming a popular way to create unique images these days.  After all, the iPhone, and the Android smartphones as well, are ubiquitous.  The images you get are improving all the time, but still have a ways to go before being competitive with "real" cameras.  Nevertheless, they come in handy.

While there are online courses in creating iPhone art, I won't be taking any anytime soon.  For me, it's fun.  By downloading third party apps, you can take an image and create a completely different look to it.  You can do this while sipping a cappuccino at your local coffee house. In a waiting room at your doctor's.  Virtually anywhere.  

Like the title of my post - "Fun with iPhoneography" indicates, it is fun, modestly so anyway, and good for those times when you're sitting bored with games and want something different to occupy your brain.

Would I consider using it to create my work that I sell?  Probably not, though I do like both of these images.  I'm not sure the quality is quite there yet - I may print them out though and we'll see.  They could definitely be uses as elements comprising a larger piece, however.  That's now.  One day it will certainly be different; technology always advances.


The piece I was working on for today, actually yesterday, is giving me fits, so I had to substitute not only the image I had planned on using but the post itself.  I haven't decided on the direction I want to take my current piece, and in truth, I'm stuck.  Usually, I'll get an idea that pops into my head, but so far it's eluded me.  But it's out there.  Lurking.  Hiding in the bushes of my thoughts and subconscious being.  Soon, it'll make itself known and I'll be off to the races. Soon.

I hope.



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