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The beautiful old Highlands Ranch Mansion is the base image in this fantasy, "Visitor".  As you can see, it's big, really big, and surrounded by old trees making obtaining an image difficult at best.  Using a wide angle lens would provide  a complete image, but distortion was so great no amount of tinkering in Photoshop could straighten it out.  A series of photos stitched together seemed the obvious solution, but even there, distortion was unacceptable.

It took three trips to the mansion to finally get an image that, while not distortion free, is very close. 

Then there was the - what direction to take with the photo to turn it into an interesting piece of art.  After working with a variety of textures, blending, manipulating, tweaking (BMT) ;-)  the background texture you see in the finished piece emerged.  The starburst wasn't in the original texture, but with the light spot in the center of it, it didn't take long to figure out that I could do something with it that would highlight the area below - I just needed for something to be there.  I added the woman and that was pretty much all I needed to  go with to finish.  Of course, that's an oversimplification, I had many false starts during this process.  Being creative is a "sheer act of will" (John Hammond, "Jurassic Park") and sometimes a frustratingly difficult one.

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