1953 Ford F-350

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1953 Ford F-350 V11953 Ford F-350 V11953 Ford F-350 V1 We ran across this old Ford F-350 at Heidrich's tree farm last week and of course I had to take pictures.  Since it was on the tree farm property, sitting way in the back, I checked to make sure there was no problem doing so and then I had some fun.  I can actually get lost taking photos - I'm in my own little world, triggering the shutter, bracketing the photos, changing positions, repeat.  It's such a trivial seeming thing, to take photos isn't it?  Whip out the cell phone, snap, upload, done.

1953 Ford F-350 V21953 Ford F-350 V21953 Ford F-350 V2 But when you're serious about it, when you've chosen it as your second career, it becomes well, everything.  The act of photographing, while incredibly satisfying, is only the start.  Then you get to "play" with the images you capture (well, the good ones anyway), tweaking clarity, sharpness, saturation (sometimes) and basic items such as those.  If you're like me, you then want to do something special with the image.  Stamp it with your own signature, make it unique, completely yours. 

1953 Ford F-350 Badge1953 Ford F-350 Badge1953 Ford F-350 Badge That's what I do when I take an image into Photo RAW or Topaz Impressions or Photoshop.  I make it unique.  How unique?  There's been more than once when I've lost an image I was working on (don't ask why) and had to attempt to recreate it.  Guess what?  It can't be done, not exactly.  While there may be a thousand shots of Ford F-350s on the Internet, there's only one that looks the way I've created them. 

As you see here, I've actually included two versions of the truck here - a dark, sort of foreboding one and more of an aged look with the other.  I like both versions so I have both here. 

I also enjoy the classic badges on these vehicles, so I've taken the badge from the front and created a one of a kind look for it as well.  I've never sold an image of a vehicle badge, and while it would be nice to do so, I do these detail images mainly for myself.  I am thinking of creating a separate gallery for them, however.

I've thought about doing a serious breakdown of the steps involved with the creation of some of these works, but that by itself is a somewhat daunting task and frankly, I don't really have the readership to warrant such a project.  Now that I'm not working a "regular" job, maybe I can focus on increasing my reach and one day actually do something like that.

Time will tell…




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