Abstract in Green and Yellow

May 31, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Abstract in Green and YellowAbstract in Green and YellowAbstract in Green and Yellow

I had this image of some green reeds being reflected in the pond at the Fly 'n Bee Ranch while the fall foliage nearby shown yellow and gold.  The contrast between the green and gold attracted me to it.   It was a nice enough image - something to keep as a memento, but nothing I'd normally post, unless I was doing a series of related images. 

This morning I was speaking with a friend on the phone, looking for a specific image and came across this.  Just for the fun of it, I turned it on end, and bumped the saturation up.  Not bad, but I really wanted it to be even more abstract than simply making it a portrait perspective instead of landscape.  I kept playing around with it, going into Photoshop and working a bit there on removing a few unwanted items that distracted from composition. I took it into OnOne Photo Raw, and tried out a few textures (that is, before Photo Raw decided to bring my computer to a halt.  Damn program is apparently doing the memory leaks again just like version 10 did for quite some time).  Nothing really did it for me there. Into Topaz Impression 2, where I found a look I liked for the edges while keeping the center more or less in focus.

The result is "Abstract in Green and Yellow".  Heck.  I should talk to my friend more!






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