Flowers, Anyone?

May 08, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


I haven't taken any serious photos of flowers in quite a while, but Saturday my wife and I were at the tree farm (Heidrich's Tree Farm) in Colorado Springs.  They had this display of gorgeous _______.  It's not a secret - I just didn't see the name of these flowers and we were leaving.  I grabbed a bunch of shots and liked this one.  I'm sure I'll eventually get the name of them, and then I'll give this piece a proper title.

This is about as close to a straight shot as I get these days.  I took a copy of the image into Photoshop, ran it through the Gaussian blur process (quite heavily too, over 100 pixels) and then brought the original image in and blended the two.  I tweaked the exposure on the main flowers, clarified them a bit and ta-da!  Oh, not quite ta-da - I did crop the image to be a bit more balanced.


My upcoming show season is starting to take form - my first will be in Nederland, Colorado the last weekend of June.  Check out my calendar of events - I'm up to five for the season with several more due to join the list.




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