From my Window

June 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


Caught this Magpie through the window of my office yesterday - the image was pretty hazy because the window, being on the second floor, isn't perfectly clear since it's difficult to wash.  I took it in to Lightroom, gave it some clarity and a little "de-hazing", which helped.  Then I applied a variety of textures in Photo Raw, settling for the look you see here.  Not too fancy with this image.  Afterwards, back to Lightroom and the application of a vignette. 

We have a couple of Magpies around the neighborhood and they frequently get into very vocal arguments.  Certainly gets my cat's attention!


I'll be at the High Peaks Art Festival in Nederland, Colorado Saturday and Sunday - stop by if you're in the area and say hi.  Temps are going to be in the upper 60s - to me, that's perfect.




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