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June 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Egg, Shell #2Egg, Shell #2

Last week was a flurry of activity as I prepared for the show in Castle Rock over the weekend.  I imagine last minute preparation by the show organizers was the same way.  This show's fate apparently was in the balance up until just a few weeks ago, so when there was the final go-ahead, suddenly everything had to be done.

I'm very happy it did, and glad I was able to get a spot (there were only thirty).  Of those thirty spots at least five others were photographers.  Including me at least six.  Out of thirty.  Seems like a high ratio.  But I figured it would be a good practice show.

I laid out the display using a different format and different print bins and it was fantastic!  People could walk through since it was open on two sides.  It was colder because of the openness too. My artist friend Bruce White showed me the setup.  Wonderful.

And the show turned out very nice too.  Not super busy, but steady.  Only on Saturday did I get a little bored during the afternoon - Sunday was actually busier for a change.

I sold several of my new Photo Artistry pieces which encourages me to continue producing them.  That's great - it means I get to keep creating pieces like the one you see here, "Egg, Shell #2". 

My next show was one I attended last year and came home severely disappointed.  Because of past rave reviews, I'm giving it another shot.  It's the High Peaks Art Festival in Nederland, Colorado. 

I'll be showing up there with this new piece along with more of my Photo Artistry.  Come up if you can!



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