Shooting in Antelope Canyon

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Huddle 2Huddle 2Huddle 2 Paint Mine Park, Colorado


No, sorry - I didn't get to go take a trip to one of the most photographed places in the US.   It's on my list of places to visit, but it's moved down several notches after I read an article on what it's really like to shoot there.  Hot, sweaty, cranky, very, very short, crowded and frustrating.  Here's a paragraph from the article I read ( from the PetaPixel website):

It goes something like this:

"Set up your tripod, set it up, first row, second row, and in the back third row. Get ready; we are starting to shoot in 15 seconds… in 10 seconds… start shooting now, you have 30 seconds. Shoot, you have 20 seconds… shoot you have 10 seconds… get ready to finish, and 3, 2, 1 we are done, grab your tripod and get up we are moving, we are moving, take your tripod… sir, you too, take your tripod and move with the group."

If you'd like to read the entire article, it's located here:  What it's really like shooting in Antelope Canyon

It kind of loses its romanticism and appeal when I read something like this.  Believe me, I'd still go, but after reading the above I may be better prepared for what to expect.

I had an idea for a series a couple years back about shooting the out of the way places, off the beaten path - there are so many beautiful parks and areas in this country that you could spend a lifetime exploring them and staying away from the "major" attractions.  That was a good idea then and it is now, though it would have to fall into someone else's lap to actually accomplish - I'm unable to devote the required time and energy.

Still, when I can, I'll visit these lesser known places and return with a load of great images and a memory of a great time!



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