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We visited Georgetown over the weekend - I love going to this town simply because of its photo opportunities.  It's a quirky old town - not Nederland hippy quirky - that has a large number of old buildings and interesting structures to shoot.  As a plus, we finally found a decent place to eat there as well.  The Alpine restaurant is very good, and lies to the east of the downtown area.  The "famous" restaurant in town, the Happy Cooker, has always been a disappointment and I haven't been back there in years.  It still gets the crowds though.

Above Georgetown you have the loop railroad - a 3 foot narrow gauge ride through the surrounding mountains.  I hear it's pretty nice though I haven't been on it.  Also, if you take the road on up you'll cross Guanella pass.  The road to the pass is beautiful, with waterfalls and thick trees until you get to tree line.

Built In 1867Built In 1867

But, I was here to specifically get a photo of a door.  A plain old door, that looks a little mysterious to me.  I had an image of it a while back, but it wasn't focused properly and I had to obtain a replacement.  That image is still in the works and I plan to post it next week.  In the meantime, I've got a couple others from this outing. 


The first is an old plant of some kind.  It says Reduction on the side - my first thought was leftover animal remains from a slaughterhouse, but that's rendering.  In other words - I don't know what this place did.  Still a cool old building.

The second is apparently a "Junk" shop, though it appears someone may live here (there's living quarters and a backyard with fairy gardens and more "junk".  I loved the effect of mottling the light and other than that, I've done very little with this image.

I'll have a couple more coming Monday.  The door, and one other - probably the First Presbyterian Church, another historic piece of architecture.



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