Last Week this Morning, #2

July 03, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Hummingbird #1Hummingbird #1Hummingbird #1

Another show wrapped up yesterday - seems I attend these art shows which in the past were awesome but when I'm there they're the worst they've ever been.  Obviously, I'm responsible for the downfall of the American Arts and Crafts shows!  The only way to save the industry is to quit. 

Can't do that.

Anyway, for me the show fell in to the middle of the pack as far as sales go - not great, but not horrible. 

The worst part was yesterday when a sudden, unexpected wind storm kicked up gusts of 50mph and tore up at least four of the booths.  I was lucky - mine held together, but two of my neighbors suffered catastrophic damage to the frame of their booths and will have to replace them.  That happened about 2:30 and on the advice of Nanette I took down my images as quickly as I could, just in case.


This is my first Hummingbird image - I had it for the show, but only one, and it was a framed piece.  Sold it yesterday, which is just more encouragement to me to keep going with my digital artistry.  And that's good, cuz I really love making these images!

I'm not sure what species of Hummingbird this is, I suspect it's either the "Ruby Throated" or the "Broadtail".  Very similar in appearance and calls from what I can tell.  As I continue shooting them, I'm sure I'll eventually find out.


My next show is in Manitou Springs in a couple of weeks.  That gives me a little time to get my stuff together and prepare. 

I'll keep posting, however and have a couple other new images that you'll see in the next week or so.

Hope you'll stick around!






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