Manitou Springs Recap

July 24, 2017  •  2 Comments


The "Garden of the Arts" show in Manitou Springs is history.  My income from the shows this year has been steady, and not bad.  My new digitally artistic work is getting noticed; I sold two pieces off the wall over the weekend, another framed Hummingbird print and my Balloons canvas print.

I can't say I'll do the show anymore though - the organizer never numbered the booths so there we are, a group of vendors following around the organizer as he says, "you can set up here, you there".  That's certainly no way to run a show, and from what I was told by other vendors the organizer is always this way. Also, apparently other than the banner on the corner announcing the show, there was no other promotion.  If you are a show organizer, you have an obligation to your vendors to get the word out.  If a vendor isn't successful, the chances of returning to a given show is slim at best.

There were a fair amount of locals and not enough tourists.  On top of that, the park was guarded from the main thoroughfare by a row of trees and vegetation, so unless you happen to look over while driving down Manitou Avenue at just the right moment, you'd be past the show and know no better.

Despite the chaos of setting up, other vendors I spoke to had been doing this organizer's show for some time and seemed overall pleased with the usual outcome. 

So, despite my earlier statement that I wouldn't do the show again, I'll keep the option open.  If there's something better, that's one thing, but if not and I need to fill a gap...well, we'll see.


The image for today is a booth image that I took with my iPhone, and then, during a slow-time I played around with the image using i-Colorama and Distressed Effects and came up with this interesting piece.

Look for more unusual iPhone images coming up!





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Thanks Monte!
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Things sound good, John. And, yes keeping all options open is a must.
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