The Door

July 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The DoorThe DoorThe Door

This was a door I spotted in Georgetown a while back.  I took a quickie photo of it then, and when I got back home found out it was too quickie - I hadn't let the camera focus properly and it was substantially soft.  When we went to G-town a couple of weeks ago, I made sure I got a good image of it.  The above piece, called simply "The Door", was created by starting with the photo below. 

As you can see, it's been artistically modified.  The door by itself, while interesting, doesn't really tell a "story" - it creates more questions than it answers.  The model is from my class materials of AWAKE, a photo artistry course I signed up for back in January.  I think adding the model has created a much more interesting piece.  One day I'll have to start working with a live model or two to create some of the art that swims around in my mind.  From time to time I get a great idea (in my mind) and would like to see it through to completion, but need a model in a specific  pose.  Specific poses for specific uses are very hard to come by using stock photos. 



Saturday and Sunday this week is the "Garden of the Arts" show in Manitou Springs, Colorado.  I'm looking forward to doing the show, but set up will be tight - it's Saturday morning before the show and not on Friday.  Ouch.  That means up about 5:15 Saturday - drive to Manitou and spend about three hours setting up before the first customer has an opportunity to visit. 

Oh well, this is my life right now  - and I'm not trading it!



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