Introducing: Fractals!

January 22, 2018  •  2 Comments

Golden FlightGolden Flight

Fractals 1:  "Golden Flight"

Available here:  Golden Flight - Etsy


Fractals 2:  "Spiraling"

Available here:  Spiraling - Etsy

Carved in StoneCarved in Stone

Fractals 3:  "Carved in Stone"

Available here:  Carved in Stone - Etsy


Fractals 4:  "Geisha"

Available here:  Geisha - Etsy

So, I’ve been “away” since the end of December.  Not really, of course, just away from my blog.  I’ve been posting a lot on Instagram - way more than my blog.  Actually, I’ve been paying more attention to my Instagram account than just about any other.

I don’t want to let this happen.  I’m stuck in a balancing act between doing my Rideshare activities and my artwork.  Of course, this time of year Lyft and Uber actually bring money in, while my art languishes alone and unloved in a dark corner on my website.  And on Etsy, eBay and Fine Art America.  Too many venues for the return (Zero for quite a while) that require a lot of attention, and that haven’t seen much of that required attention lately.

I’ve had frequent lapses when it comes to my blog, but as I think I’ve mentioned before it’s a kind of historical record for me; naturally I want to see it continue.

Beginning in February I’m switching to a different publishing schedule - not that I’ve really had one - that will be a little more disciplined and predictable.  I’ll be going to a twice a month posting, that will include all my new art (maybe not ALL, but most) completed between the periods of posts.  That schedule will be the first and 15th of each month.  After today, there won’t be another VN entry until February 1.

In the meantime, I’ve discovered I like to work with fractals for designs. Fractals are mathematical algorithms that are used to create patterns based on the patterns in the original image.  These patterns are then used to create what you see here, complex symmetry based on the algorithms.  Naturally, that's an extremely simple explanation coming from an extremely simple guy, but the result is, in non-mathematical verbiage:  cool!

While these images are easy enough to create on the face of it, I don't let anything stand and have to go in and modify the images in some "John Strong Arts" way.  Even though every single fractal image is unique and unreproducible I like to put my own "stamp" on it in some way.  Like the birds in my first fractal image above. For "Spiraling" I increased saturation a smidge, and gave it a tiny vignette. With “Carved in Stone”, I gave the fractals a “stony” look and a pronounced vignette and with "Geisha" I upped the saturation and tweaked the sharpness - other than that, I left it alone.

I will be making these images available as digital downloads that allows you to print it to most popular sizes, giving you the option to have it printed any way you'd like, or as a background on a computer, tablet or cell phone.  Downloads are available for a nominal price of $2.79.

The digital downloads will be available through John Strong Arts and from my Etsy site at: or you can simply click on the Available here link beneath the image you'd like.


Showtime is just around the corner.  Last year was my best season by far, with the introduction of my new digital art and photographic mix doing very well.  My image of the “Chapel on the Rocks” and “Escape” were very popular, as were my hummingbird images. 

I haven’t decided which shows I’ll be doing, or how many (not as many as last year if I don’t get my hand fixed), but like always, that will be on my Events page which should start showing some activity next month.


My next post will be on Thursday, February 1 - hope you'll join me for a round up of my latest artwork and news.







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Thanks Su! They're very easy to make with the right software, hence the direct downloads at the price they are. Of course, the hard part is knowing when to stop with a design!
Su Hall(non-registered)
The fractals are gorgeous! I love 'Geisha'!
Wishing you the very best this year, John!
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