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Brownville, NE HouseBrownville, NE House

Title:  Brownville House

Stairway to HeavenStairway to Heaven Title:  Stairway to Heaven


Nebraska PlainsNebraska Plains

Title:  Nebraska Prairie


Title:  Flower

Shopify, 3dCart and BigCommerce are out.


As I mentioned last post, I’m looking for a new platform for hosting John Strong Arts.  For a variety of reasons, none of these three platforms are exactly what I’m looking for.


I have found a platform that I’m excited about becoming involved with.  It’s called Art Storefronts and it’s designed specifically for artists such as myself.  But, it’s not just a hosting service, it’s also business coaching, priority setting, and general assistance with the running of a business.  One of the features I like are the multiple views that can be set up to present a piece of art.  Instead of simply seeing the image that I’m offering, this will show you what if will look like as a canvas print, or standout, or whatever type of mounting you’re interested in.  Additionally, there are setting images - how the image you’re looking at will appear over a sofa or table or a variety of settings.


Set up isn’t cheap - the initial setup can run from $1,000 to $2600, and the monthly hosting is $44 to about $60.  All depends on time and features desired.  Knowing me, I’ll be leaning towards more features.  More features = more money.  In other words, this transition isn’t going to be happening today.  Soon, yes.  I hope you’ll still be with me when this transition happens. 

What? MORE News? A FREE print?

Yes!  And this is, I think, pretty exciting!

A FREE matted print!

All you need to do is sign up for my email list and with your first purchase over $35, you’ll receive your choice of images, matted to 11x14 so it’ll drop easily into a frame for hanging.

I'm currently doing this through my John Strong Arts Facebook account, but once I switch to Art Storefronts it will be more integrated with my site.

That's a pretty nice offer I think, and I hope some of you reading this will take advantage of it.  If you like what you see on my pages, but don't currently have a need for new art in your home, please subscribe!  When you're ready, perhaps you'll think of John Strong Arts.

Please click here to sign up - all you need is an email address:  EMAIL SIGNUP




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