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Snowy EgretSnowy Egret

Title:  Snowy Egret


Title:  Intrusion


Title:  Tree


Title:  Brainstorming


Title:  Eclipse


Back when I was a cyclist, ancient history now to be sure, but back then, when I'd fly down a hill or canyon road doing 50 mph, going so fast I couldn't pedal to keep up, I'd freewheel.  Just coast.

Freewheeling in business is going against the norms, or rules.

Same way with art - there are rules you follow.  More like guidelines than anything.  And again, breaking or not following the rules is a form of freewheeling.  You're saying, yep, I know the rules, but I choose not to follow them.  Not for this image (or whatever artistically you're breaking the rules on).  There are times when following rules will make what you may be working on, dull, lifeless and boring.  Change it up a bit and you're back in the game.

I've been freewheeling a lot with my artwork lately.  I'm still doing photography of course, but I'm integrating a lot more digital artwork into it.  At times I'm foregoing a photograph altogether.  Like "Eclipse" in this grouping - I designed the overall Mandala and then used my digital paint brushes and other techniques to create a compelling, interesting piece of art. 

In other words - I’m freewheelin’!  And having a lot of fun in the process - letting my eye and imagination take me to new worlds. 

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