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Classic OldsClassic Olds

Title:  Classic Olds


Title:  Drydock


Classic FordClassic Ford

Title:  Classic Ford

It's official, and, even more importantly, in process now.  I'm moving to Art Storefronts as my hosting platform - and everyone is invited along!  And, to make it easy for you, I'm making it seamless.  My website address will remain the same, as will my email.  You'll notice a very distinct visual change when it happens, and of course, my blog for that day will probably, in passing, mention it in a subtle, very nearly undetectable manner. 

My fulfillment procedures will change as well.  I'll be using a third party for most of my printing, but don't worry, they're top-notch professionals with fantastic offerings.  I think you'll like it.

Speaking of offerings - at first, you'll see the basics, prints offered in standard sizes with mostly standard finishes, and, of course canvas wraps will be offered.  Just the beginning, though.  If it goes well, I'll expand the lineup of mounts and finishes.

When will all this take place?  I'm working on it now and hope to cut over in the next couple of weeks depending on how much time it takes and I have available. Possibly in conjunction with my next post.  Stay tuned.

FREE Print!

All you need to do is sign up for my email list and with your first purchase over $25, you’ll receive your choice of images, matted to 11x14 so it’ll drop easily into a frame for hanging.

I'm currently doing this through my John Strong Arts Facebook account, but once I switch to Art Storefronts it will be more integrated with my site.

That's a pretty nice offer I think, and I hope some of you reading this will take advantage of it.  If you like what you see on my pages, but don't currently have a need for new art in your home, please subscribe!  When you're ready, perhaps you'll think of John Strong Arts.

Please click here to sign up - all you need is an email address:







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