The history of Greeting Cards goes back to the Chinese and Egyptians and by the 15th century were being exchanged in Europe. Though popularity of the printed Greeting Card seems to have waned with the advent of e-Cards, it remains a common way to extend greetings to others.

Greeting Cards are a more intimate, personal way to reach out to someone you know or love than is an e-Card.
These cards are all 5x7 and printed on a luxurious linen card stock that you and your recipient is sure to love.

If you would like to purchase a set of four or more, please contact John Strong Arts for special pricing!
EscapeHouse FinchMacawsSunrise in NebraskaRemembering Mr ParrishSt MaloLone CypressPromise of HomeTroublemakerTuscan SunBesieged1931 Model A1951 Nash Ambassador1953 Nash Rambler Country ClubBusiness is Picking UpCliff HouseStar of the ShowEgg, ShellFantasy VerandaHostetler Opera House