Interpretive Imaging, or Impressionism, is where an artist can really let go and stamp an image with his or her own style. Layers, textures, composites - they all find a home in Interpretive Imaging. Creating images such as these is no less demanding than the finest landscapes, and can even be more frustrating since there is a limitless amount of experimenting an artist can do. For me, I take a candidate image and formulate an idea of what I'd like the finished piece to look like - then I'll dive in. Sometimes the resulting image is exactly what I was looking for when I started and other times I'll be struck by an idea as I'm working.

Either way, you'll only see the best Interpretive Image photographs here. Enjoy!
Bison #5EscapeHouse FinchMacaws, Riveria Maya MexicoMushroomsPine Park RanchFantasy VerandaPromise of HomeStar of the ShowMystery of CatHostetler Opera HouseBogle, Wine Series #4St MaloStage DoorAlignmentEgg, ShellKey Corkscrew #1TroubleBesiegedTuscan Sun, Wine Series #3