Interpretive Imaging, or Impressionism, is where an artist can really let go and stamp an image with his or her own style. Layers, textures, composites - they all find a home in Interpretive Imaging. Creating images such as these is no less demanding than the finest landscapes, and can even be more frustrating since there is a limitless amount of experimenting an artist can do. For me, I take a candidate image and formulate an idea of what I'd like the finished piece to look like - then I'll dive in. Sometimes the resulting image is exactly what I was looking for when I started and other times I'll be struck by an idea as I'm working.

Either way, you'll only see the best Interpretive Image photographs here. Enjoy!
House FinchMacaws, Riveria Maya MexicoMushroomsPine Park RanchFantasy VerandaPromise of HomeStar of the ShowMystery of CatHostetler Opera HouseBogle, Wine Series #4St MaloStage DoorAlignmentEgg, ShellKey Corkscrew #1TroubleBesiegedTuscan Sun, Wine Series #3Bison #4Last Chance Farm #3