What is Fine Art Photography?

Today's cameras are capable of capturing incredible images, with incredible detail. These images cannot be truly appreciated until they're in print and the best way to do that is to obtain a fine art image from a professional who will take the time and make the effort to ensure the print is created using the best papers, the best inks and in the best format. What is Fine Art Photography?

It's more than just a good photograph, though that is the first requirement. Fine Art photography is going through the process of balancing an image in a number of ways: tone, color and composition. This may mean cropping to attain optimum composition, followed by processing the image in Photoshop on a well-calibrated monitor to ensure the image's final look is what the artist intended. Numerous steps may be involved to finely tune the image and many questions can rise while working on it: Will the image benefit from textured layers? Does it work better as a High Dynamic Range image? As a black & white piece?

It doesn't end there - to produce a Fine Art print takes a great deal of trial and error, experimentation with a variety of papers, investing in a high quality printer or researching a custom lab that produces prints to the artist's satisfaction (sometimes both) and will result in a print that has just the right look and feel. The final print is one the client will be proud to display in their home or office or add to their collection. It will be produced using archival quality papers and inks for longevity of well over 100 years. It will be signed by the photographer. In other words, it will be created by an artist who takes the term Fine Art Photography seriously and has a firm grasp of the term's implications.

This is the philosophy of JStrong Photos/John Strong Arts. No haphazard, sloppy prints will do. Only the best is acceptable. Every print, except Special Orders, are created by me, inspected by me, reprinted by me if not satisfactory, and signed by me before being sent to a client. Special Order prints are produced by a local custom lab and I still inspect each one before it goes to out to a client.

When you purchase a JStrong Photos/John Strong Arts print, you can feel confident that it will be not only a beautiful piece of art, but one that adheres to the strict guidelines of Fine Art Photography.

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